On Dark Waters

From the Dark Waters
Session 1

Ftokchak, a rat-folk alchemist, lands of the isle of Galiana, a small port island off the greater Mercantile island of Iatos. Ftokchak begins to go through the islands main port town to look for an alchemist he was comissioned to work for but quickly finds that the client he is seeking is not on the island leaving Ftokchak stranded with no immediate means of paying fare to continue traveling.

Nerai, an undine merchant and sorceror, and Jaizea Nagraj, a Vishkanya Courtesan, land on the island of Galiana while on a nondescript trade mission on the behalf of the Undine that inhabit Nerai’s native island. Upon landing they find themselves being watched by an elderly human male wrapped in a brown cloak. The duo breaks into the nearby open market of the port and begin to look for a merchant able to give them information on the city in hopes of finding an inn to rest in as they look for a means to make back the funds they expended to travel, as Nerai covered Jaizea’s fare unexpectedly. They encounter a dwarven merchant named Richand who is peddling powdered dragon’s bone. Richand becomes offended when Nerai doubts the authenticity of his wares and while offended Richand makes a public spectacle drawing the entirety of the market’s attention. Ftokchak notices the uproar and rushes towards it to discover the duo trying to seduce and manipulate the dwarf into giving them not only information but help. Upon discovering that the dwarf is attracted to rat-folk the group play on his sympathies and acquire the right to use a room he keeps ready at a local inn named The Exposition.

The group heads immediatly to The Exposition in order to rest and plan out how to scrap together the money they need to embark. Upon arriving they notice the brown cloak of their watcher from earlier in the day and snatch it up. In the lining of the cloak they find a note that is encrypted and using Ftokchak’s knowledge of extracts they break the code. The note reveals to the party an individual named K has been ordered to keep Nerai seqeustered on the island on the behalf of another individual called L. An individual called the Boar is supposed to rendeavous with K and together they are supposed to go after Nerai. Frieghtened the party searches the bar and steathily notices the watcher from earlier in the day. Using the information from the note they order boar and Narrative for the man they suspect to be K and ask for it to be delivered “from L”. Upon receiving his food the man quickly leaves the inn and notices that he is being watched by Ftokchak.

Jaizea breaks after K and follows him onboard a nearby ship stationed at the docks nearby. Jaizea begans to try and spy on K but is spotted immediatly and confronted by him. K attacks Jaizea but falls allowing Jaizea to swiftly attack him. When she lunges at him she too falls and the two begin to scuffle. K managed to stab Jaizea wounding her severly but Jaizen poisons K with sleep venom and beats him to a point of near death. Using sheets she ties up K and brings the rest of the party aboard the ship.

Upon arriving back at the ship the party discovered K is awake but wounded and trying to wrench free. Ftokchak begins to search the ship and finds a payment ledger and a trap door. Nerai succesfully charms K to discover that he is Kevward Hawklight a slave-trader ordered by Logan Shieldheart to capture the Undine merchant Nerai in hopes of ransoming her and then killing her to both deplete her tribe of money and peace. As they continue to question the charmed slaver they discover that they are aboard a slaving vessel given to Kevward by Logan and that the trapdoor leads to a slaver compartment. Logan is a rival human merchant eager to snuff out his competition to improve his chances in the high stakes trading taking part across the oceans of Myr. The party discovers that the Boar is a guard and trustee of Logan called such for his specialty blade that both saws and pierces with ease with which he gores his enemies as a boar would, his time of arrival and location are not known by Kevward. The group also learns that on the southern coat of Iatos is a hidden cove known as the Slaver’s Cove at which Kevward was supposed to trade Nerai for a 1500 bounty, a ship, and a crew.

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