Jaizea Nagraj



Rapier (20 gp)

  • DMG: 1d4
  • DMG: 1d6
  • Crit: 18-20= x2
  • Weight: 2lbs.

Shortbow (30 gp)

  • DMG: 1d4
  • DMG: 1d6
  • Crit: x3
  • Range 60 ft.
  • Weight: 2lbs.

Leather Armor (10 gp)

  • Armor Bonus: +2
  • Max Dex Bonux: +6
  • Armor Check: 0
  • Arcane Failure Chance: 10%
  • No movement Restriction
  • Weight: 15lbs.

Born in a well to do family, Jaizea had a good life. She was the third child in her family, though the only daughter. She was sent into and arranged marriage at the age of 17 to a Kitsune male. Their marriage was very formal. Neither onehad seen the other until the day of their marriage. They both had enough money to live off of, but fell on hard times when Jaizea’s husband lost his job. They decided they needed to ragain their wealth but were unsure how. During a long discussion Jaizea and her husband came to the conclusion that she could use her status to enter into courtesan-ship and possibly help him gain rank in the Kings court.

At the age of 18, she had made herself known to the King and the court in her position as a higher courtesan. There was a problem standing between her and becoming the Kings soul courtesan, another woman. Eager to get her place next to the king and bring her houshold wealth, she poisoned the King’s courtesan, killing her. When it came time to pick a new courtesan, the King had no other in mind than Jaizea. In 8 years she had worked her husband into the Kings court and secured her house’s wealth.
Shortly after this success, Jaizea’s husband became infatuated with another courtesan, and desired her hand in marriage. He then divorced Jaizea and left her penniless save for her gifts from the king. She had nothing of her own any longer.

She did remain in the palace where her husband did his work for the King. At a court meeting she was eavesdropping. She overheard the King talking about a new land that was filled with immense treasure. Her husband was to lead an expidition to the land and aquire what ever treasures he could and bring them back for the King. Determined to gain some wealth of her own and move on from being a courtesan, she decided to set out on a journey to aquire the treasures for herself. She left the palace in the middle of the night without telling anyone, even the King. She had nothing with her except a few coins, her bow and rapier and the clothes on her back.

Jaizea Nagraj

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